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Create 3D Body Scan with Nettelo

Getting Started

  1. Download the Nettelo App
  2. Create a Nettelo Account
  3. Create a 3D Body Scan with three pictures
  4. Share your 3D Body Scan with Ridge Wetsuits

To link your Nettelo 3D scan with your Ridge Wetsuits account

Please Create an Account or Login

Tutorial on how to share your 3D scan with Ridge Wetsuits

  • We will send you a share request that you will see on you Nettelo app.
  • To respond to scan request, click on Share button in the bottom right ( see picture below)

  • Please click on “Share your scan data with NetteloPro users

  • Now accept ✔ the scan request, and then click on [Done]
  • This will send us your 3D body scan