Yamamoto Neoprene

Ridge Wetsuits uses the stretchiest and highest quality grade of Yamamoto neoprene from Japan.
Derived from Limestone containing up to 99.7% calcium carbonate, not petrochemicals


Prevent water penetration and increase heat retention by using nitrogen infused closed cells that are packed together at high density.

Light Weight & Warmer

With virtually no water absorption the weight of this rubber remains nearly identical whether wet or dry, ensuring greater warmth despite being 1mm thinner than the competition.

Super Stretchy

Soft rubber with elastic memory. Yamamoto molds to your body shape and doesn't get loose over time. It has an elongation of 480%-580%.

Yamamoto's Neoprene is Greener

Yamamoto uses 1/10 of the heat used in refining petroleum. This heat is made using hydroelectric power sourced, any waste heat is then reused to power a local eel nursery.

Less neoprene is needed which means less of an environmental impact. Yamamoto is warmer due to its micro cell structure. A 2mm Yamamoto limestone neoprene is as warm as a typical 3mm sheet of oil based neoprene.

Durable, Yamamoto neoprene tends to last 2 to 3 times longer than an oil-based neoprene. Lasting suits reducing the 'turnover' rate of wetsuits, which means less wetsuits will end up as landfill.

Optional Zirconium lining

A plush-lined (fluffy) material that is extremely warm and fast-drying.

Contains ceramic micro particules which emit infrared rays to retain your body heat.

Reflects the body's infrared light, doubling warmth efficiency.

The wetsuit feels dry, even when completely submerged in water.

SCS Smoohskin, a very unique material

SCS (Super Composite Skin) is highly stretchable. It optimizes body fit allowing improved ease of movement.

Provides high heat insulation due to its very low heat conduction.

Anti-Bacteria : SCS doesn't allow the growth of bacteria and keeps a suit clean.

Very smooth to the touch and putting a suit on or taking it off can be done very easily.